Systems level understanding of the neural mechanisms on "Communication"

We are conducting researches using brain imaging methods (e.g., EEG and fMRI) for understanding the neural mechanisms on communication. Our attention is devoted to dynamics of neural activities to ensure the communication. The brain imaging methods are used to understand the neural mechanisms based on a theoretical framework on brain dynamics to explain wide range from inter-cortical to inter-personal communications. More specifically, we elucidate the underlying mechanisms of multimodal (e.g., audio-visual) information integration or dynamic cortical networking with regarding the inter-cortical communication, and vocal communication or cooperative actions with regarding inter-personal communication. Novel approaches are also developed for recording/analyzing neural dynamics in the human brain by integrating multiple brain imaging modalities.

What's New

Our new paper on speech perception was published in PLoS ONE (2017/8/17)
Lab Members page was updated (2017/4/3)
Our new paper on fMRI study with schizophrenia was published in EBioMedicine (2016/9/15)
・ Add links to useful information for international students (2016/8/22)
Our new paper on the ventriloquism effect was published in NeuroReport (2016/5/28)
・ Lab name has been renewed to "Cognitive Communication Lab." (2016/4/1)


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