As humans, we rely on sensory signals captured by our eyes and other sensory organs to perceive, understand, and make decisions about the external world, as well as to communicate with those around us. We study the information processing in the human brain that supports these cognitive abilities through psychophysical experiments, functional brain recordings, and computer simulations. Our labpratory also gains insigjhts into human cognitive processing by comparing it to artificial neural networks. Additionally, we leverage our basic scientific knowledge about human cognitive processing to develop innovative information communication technologies.

What's New

  • Lab Members Updated. (2024/04/15)
  • Dr. Miyoshi and Prof. Nishida have proposed a novel signal-detection theory framework in Psychologicasl Methods. (2024/04/05)
  • Dr. Miyoshi's paper on flexible metacognitive adjustments has been published in Consciousness and Cognition. (2024/01/19)
  • Allal-Sumoto and Prof. Mizuhara's EEG work on second language acquisition has been published in Neuroscience Research. (2024/01/18)
  • Dr. Miyoshi's review article on metacognition has been published in Encyclopedia of the Human Brain. (2024/01/06)
  • Yung-Hao, Sun and Prof. Nishida's paper on the motion perception for natural scene images has been published in iScience. (2023/12/15)
  • Zitung Sun and Prof. Nishida's paper on the unsupervised learning of optical flow information has been published in Complex & Intelligent Systems. (2023/10/31)
  • Zitung Sun, Yen-Ju Chen, Yung-hao Yang, and Prof. Nishida's paper on the self-attention network for motion perception has been presented for NeurIPS2023.
  • Pei-Yin Chen and Prof. Nishida's paper on the coarse-to-fine interaction for motion perception has been published in Journal of Vision. (2023/10/04)
  • Prof. Nishida has been awarded International Award from Japanese Psychological Association. (2023/09/14)
  • Zitung Sun has made a presentation in CCN2023. (2023/09)
  • Dr. Miyoshi's paper on the DNN modeling of metacognitive phenomena has been published in Nature Communications. (2023/7/06)
  • Zitun Sun, Yen-Ju Chen, and Dongsheng Yang have made presentations in VSS2023. (2023/05)
  • Takara Kenza Allal-Sumoto (D student) has published a paper regarding the second language comprehension in Frontiers in Psychology. (2023/4/14)
  • Sou Yoshihara (M graduate) has published a CNN study regarding the effect of blurred experience on visual recognition in Frontiers in Psychology. (2023/2/15)

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